All The Questions You Have About The FLEXIROAM App

So we decided to have a chat with our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Nicholas Yeap, to get all the answers that you have been asking about the brand new FLEXIROAM app. It went a little something like this…

The Logic Behind Roaming Charges

In this article, we hope you will better understand how the Roaming Charges work, what services are most influenced by these charges and the exact amount that you pay when you roam overseas. Most of all, you will understand why even a careful traveler might suffer from huge roaming bills.

Heathrow Airport: Fun Things You Didn’t Know

The Heathrow Airport often gets a lot of flack for being one of the world’s busiest airports. Despite the heavy passenger traffic, this major airport is a rather exciting place to pass through. The celebrity chef-run restaurants and high-end boutiques are more than enough to keep tourists entertained as they patiently wait for their boarding calls….

Tasmania – Welcome into the Wilderness

Tasmania is an Australian state located towards the south of the island and is the 26th largest island in the world. Tasmania is famous worldwide for its unparalleled natural beauty and unadulterated wilderness. The place is a beautiful excursion from the bustling city life and a perfect place to get rejuvenated.

A Simple Method For Managing Your Business Contacts

Good Afternoon, it’s me again. Just in case we haven’t been formally introduced, I am  Nicholas Yeap, and for the past three weeks, I have been sharing a few tips on how you can make the most of your prosperous new year at home and at work.

The Biggest Annual Festivals of The World

Picture by Nate Clicks: In the spirit of a great start to a booming new year, FLEXIROAM would like to make sure that 2016 will be a memorable year for you. Everybody knows that a year filled with celebration is one filled with hilarious stories and inspiring moments. Since we know that you will be…