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South-East Asia is Waiting For You, Perhaps It’s Time You Paid a Visit

Southeast Asia has become one of the most popular places to travel to. This tourist friendly region filled with a variety of ethnic dishes, holiday activities and even conveniently efficient transport to move around is one of the easiest and cheapest places to travel in the world. Scores of budget airlines and well established bus and train networks make it easy to travel around. Southeast Asia is inhabited by many different peoples and unique wildlife, and offers the traveller a wide range of experiences.

With amazing scenery packed with a host of friendly citizens and incredible food, why wouldn’t you want to join the millions of backpackers and business travelers heading there? There are so many reasons to visit, but these are our top 6.

 The Food: Variety of Flavors

One of the best things about travelling around Southeast Asia is the variety of food that you can find. The local food is bursting with flavor and is a must try! You can find different cuisines originating from a number of countries within Asia such as the Pad Thai in Thailand, Yao Hon hot-pot in Cambodia, Pho noodle soup in Vietnam or peanut satay in Indonesia and Malaysia.

What are you waiting for?

 Its Cheap Cheap Cheap

I’m pretty sure that one of the things that you have heard about Southeast Asia is the low cost, and yes, it is one of the major advantages.You can get by with as little as $15 USD or $25 USD per day if you want. With the unlimited amount of things to buy at cheap prices,overspending might be your biggest temptation but not necessarily because of the price of things you buy, but rather the quantity(there’s are tons of things to buy). Basically, there are two reasons why most people overspend in Southeast Asia: they eat a lot of western food and drink way too much.  If you want a tip to save money while traveling in this part of the world, try to eat as much local food as you can, most of it is so cheap, it almost feels like it is free…almost.

 Iconic Sights

Boasting with 31 World Heritage Sites, Southeast Asia isn’t short of impressive landmarks. It is a culturally rich and diverse region built up of numerous sites classified by the UNESCO in the World Heritage of Humanity. With some of the world’s most famous sites like Angkor Wat in Cambodia or Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, Southeast Asia is home to 37 wonderful sites that stand out for their natural and cultural value

So if you are more of a nature lover and temples surrounded by beautiful landscapes intrigue you, this part of the world is definitely for you.

Awesome Nature and Wildlife

Subterranean rivers, coral reefs, awesome beaches and an amazing nature with a diversity of wild animals: Southeast Asia is a diverse region offering some of the world’s most spectacular natural sights.  There are also some endemic species that you can find in this part of the world, such the orangutan, proboscis monkey and Komodo Dragon.

There are thousands and thousands of islands that make up Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines as well as the mainland part of Southeast Asia, including Cambodia and Vietnam, offer up a lot of choices and it can only be said that you will fall in love with these tropical species and paradises.

 The People

There’s around 600 million people in South East Asia, with hundreds of languages, an host of religions and an endless amount of different cultural beliefs. Here’s a tip, take the time to get to know the locals wherever you are, because it could be a great opportunity to know more about the country you are in. Meeting locals and learning from them are your best shot at really experiencing the culture of a country.

I think that your experience of the range of colourful and rich cultures in South East Asia is long overdue, wouldn’t you agree?

The Metropolis

Some people prefer big city life rather than the natural scene, and theres problem with that, Southeast Asia has plenty of it. With a huge array of options such as the big and exciting cities of Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur or Ho chi Minh that have the atmosphere that spike up your of adrenaline levels every time you go out!:)

I’m pretty sure that one of the things that you have heard about Asia is of the beautiful architecture, that’s no rumor, that’s a fact! With futuristic sky scrapers around the corner from ancient temples and modern life against a backdrop of history and tradition, it is this dichotomy that makes these cities so special and intriguing.

So, have you already bought your ticket?;)

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