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What is Data Roaming?



Using your current home Mobile Network to access the internet on the phone while you’re away from home can be pricey. So many experts have advised people to turn their data roaming off when they travel abroad. On an iPhone, for example, this can be done simply by selecting the network on your phone settings and switching the data roaming off.

When lost in foreign land, your mobile phone can be the answer. It’s only a tap away to open your preferred MAP application, key in your desired location and the application will navigate you directly to your chosen destination.

But behind this simple solution, comes a price – A BIG ONE.
The current scenario today is that network users are not educated on the roaming tariffs. Users are not aware of the different billing rate. The reality of this only kicks in when users receive their respective monthly bill.

‘I confess that I am not an expert in regard to my phone and its data usage’, says John, an accountant from the Philippines. ‘I remembered once using my smartphone abroad and came back home to a large bill. I was shocked’, John continues.

Back in his hometown Manila, John said he laughed at what he thought was a simple account glitch.

‘I just thought they added the additional charge by mistake. So as soon as I got the bill, I gave them (his local telco company) a call to inform about the ‘mistake’ on my bill. I was explaining to them how I hadn’t sent out any text messages or calls from my phone when I was traveling.’

However, John was left open-mouthed to what was explained to him by the customer assistant. ‘I can understand that you are surprised, but from our record, you did activate data roaming on these dates.’

Only after their conversation John remembered that he activated his mobile data when he was looking for restaurants while driving in the bustling streets of London. John is not the only person who faces this issue.

There is a high probability to have a huge bill without using it intentionally. Users are not aware of how the applications on their device gets automatically updated or downloaded in the background, consuming their internet data.

This happens consistently when data roaming is turned on, thus racking up a huge amount of phone bill.

Many travelers are scared of these kind of situations as most of them had gone through it. Some choose to even leave their phones at home just to avoid being billed. But users need to know that they can take preventive measures to avoid this. The most obvious solution is to remember to switch off data roaming before you take off to your favorite travel destination! But where is the fun from that?

Use Flexiroam instead, the most convenient way to roam. Just attach the Flexiroam X ultra-thin microchip to your SIM and enjoy data roaming in over 100 countries! That simple and the best thing is it’s more cheaper than your regular network provider.

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