Where Has My Data Gone!

Since the launch of Flexiroam X, many people have been asking us this same question. Is 1GB enough to roam overseas for a week?  Well, before we answer this, please allow us to ask ‘Do you know what is the average usage of data that you use daily, especially while travelling? So you pay an…

To ROAM or not to ROAM?

“Shannon was shocked when she received her expensive phone bill after a relaxing holiday overseas.” Sounds familiar? According to a survey by uSwift, 85% of people who use their smartphone during their holiday abroad don’t know what they are charged for. What about you? Do you know what you are charged for during your overseas…

Introducing Flexiroam X

Imagine this scenario – you’re backpacking around the world heading to your next adventure when the need to check your social media or check out a new travel destination or even search for your next adventure strikes. So as usual, you whip out your phone and bam! you’ve not only run out of data, but…

Heathrow Airport: Fun Things You Didn’t Know

The Heathrow Airport often gets a lot of flack for being one of the world’s busiest airports. Despite the heavy passenger traffic, this major airport is a rather exciting place to pass through. The celebrity chef-run restaurants and high-end boutiques are more than enough to keep tourists entertained as they patiently wait for their boarding calls….

Tasmania – Welcome into the Wilderness

Tasmania is an Australian state located towards the south of the island and is the 26th largest island in the world. Tasmania is famous worldwide for its unparalleled natural beauty and unadulterated wilderness. The place is a beautiful excursion from the bustling city life and a perfect place to get rejuvenated.